Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone!

My name is Abby, full name is Abigail but that spelling has been taken over and over again so I decided to spell it phonetically for my Instagram page and it just seems to have stuck.  I don’t really want to write a book “about me” so I’ll make it brief and like any other friend you make in life, you’ll get to know more with time.

I am and introverted but can be very talkative when I come out of my shell.  I am very artistic, a creative who like to have her hands in everything creative. The best way to describe me or what goes on in my head is that I am “in constant creation mode”.  My favorite though is sewing.  Fashion design has always been my thing: from the initial sketch all the way through to the finished product.


In this picture I am wearing a shirt dress/duster I made from the Simplicity Sewing Pattern collection, number 8546. I used an African Wax Print which you will come to find out, I use a lot of.  I just love the prints and bright colors.  I don’t want to bore you so I’ll stop now and we’ll pick up next time.

Until next time,




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