Sequin lounge wear

So I’ve been in a sewing funk lately and when that happens I like to look for a quick sew to pick me back up.  This time I went for one I have made before.  This would be my third raglan sweatshirt using Simplicity 1072.  The knit fabric as well as the sequin overlay are both from my stash and were purchased from Joann Fabrics.


So when I cutting the pattern, the only thing I did different was cut 1 extra piece for piece number 6. The pattern asks for you to cut one piece but since I was doing the contrast and the sequin detail is sewn onto a tulle backing, I needed the sturdy back of the knit fabric used on all the other pieces. All in all there are 6 pieces needed (marked 6-11 on the pattern).  There are 12 simple steps to putting this top together.  For step 2, I found it easier to pin halfway, up to the circle and then tackle the other half separately…

 … then when I got to step 3, same thing.  I pinned and sewed the sleeve (piece 8) to the front first like so, 


then when that was sewn on I sewed the back piece on and then followed the pattern pretty much to the tee until I was finished.  I enjoyed making it and even though this is my third one version of this sweatshirt, I will be making more.


Until next time,


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