Menswear inspired

Ok!  So maybe inspired is not completely accurate.  The shirt is made from a men’s pattern, so from the men’s side of the store.  So I wanted a dress shirt but most of the ones in the female section seem to have frills and extras that make it feminine or extra feminine and I thought to myself, “I just want a shirt I can wear with any bottom piece, for any occasion, a neutral piece”.  Then two flannel commercials came on TV back to back and I thought I can make a shirt using a men’s pattern.  I’ll use flannel because of the season (fall) so I can have a season favorite, and if I like it i’ll make it again in a solid color.


After picking up the flannel from Joann’s I got to using Simplicity pattern 8427.  I was on a roll, until I got to the collar and for some reason, the collar piece I cut was about a size too small.  I stopped and put the project away.  I had given up on it and moved on to the previous project posted, the Grey Raglan Sweatshirt.  I didn’t like looking at the unfinished project so I picked it up, laid it out (pic above) and continued.  My main concern was would the pattern match.  I have a symmetry, pattern matching OCD when I sew.  I got it done though and I’m happy with how it came out.


So I took the pictures, on with the shirt out and with the other tied it at the waist. I made it slightly baggy because I’ll most probably be wearing it with leggings/jeggings and boots but for the pictures, I was already wearing the jumpsuit and didn’t feel like looking for pants so I just tied it up at the waist.  Besides, that would have been a lot of shirt to tuck in and I doubt it would have looked good.


I noticed though, thanks to pattern matching, the pocket was hidden and while going through the pictures snapped, I found one that clearly showed the pocket, though candid, I am going to use it anyway.


Let me know how you like it and if you have made the shirt for yourself or someone else, let me know how that turned out.  Also if you have any styling ideas for this shirt, please let me know.

Until next time,



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