It’s Menswear Monday!

IMG_20200504_065721_131So yesterday (Sunday) I had the weather was so good, so I decided to “dress up” and drive around just to brush off my “isolation blues” and it worked.  Gentle breeze and just being out in the sun is something we, well at least I took for granted. I was smiling, my brother’s chief criticism of my pictures.  My mother says I  smile “with all my teeth out” like my father did.

I wanted to dress up but still be comfortable so I pulled out a men’s shirt I made from the Simplicity pattern 8427.  I have made it before ( the green buffalo plaid) in the previous post title “Men’s Wear Inspired”. The pattern is easy, hence having used it twice and I will be using it again.  I think I can now make it without using the instructions., we’ll find out.



The fedora is a fall ’19 purchase from Aldo, the jeans are from American Eagle.


Until next time,


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