bustier jumpsuit – McCalls 8101


Bustier, jumpsuit, overalls/dungarees all in one! I had to make it when I saw it. I thought of doing something dressy but I figured denim would get a lot more use and style variety.

I used some lightweight 4 way stretch denim fabric I purchased from Joann fabric a while back. I paired it with some pretty distressed bronze flower buttons also from Joann’s, as well as contrast brass looking thread usually used with by denim companies for that professional look (lol)

As with most projects I started with the top half (following instructions lol).

Bustier back. Added the contrast top stitching for effect
Bustier back

I skipped adding the boning and for lining fabric I used the denim. The scraps were just enough do that and I figured it would help keep the top somewhat stable since I was skipping the boning.

Bustier top and lining

Then the pants… again I used the leftover denim for pockets. It may have been a mistake because they pocket makes a print but we’ll just pretend that was the desired outcome.

Pants in progress with pockets sticking out

At this point it was time to put it together and complete the jumpsuit. I was getting antsy, I was ready to be done. Excitement because it was coming together and I could not wait to wear it.

Love the final product, I hope you do too! Let me know what you think.

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  1. Holly says:

    Looks great! I used to sew my own clothing when I was in my early teens. Maybe I’ll get back to it someday!


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