Ndebele Print maxidress

I love using African print but this one hit home, literally. I am a Ndebele speaking girl, born and raised. The Ndebele people are found in Southern Africa, namely South Africa and Zimbabwe and are a very colorful people. We are known for our beautiful beading which I am usually seen wearing with solid clothing and our beautiful art.

One of our most famous artists is Dr Esther Mahlangu, popularly known as gogo (elder or grandmother) Esther Mahlangu. In Ndebele and African culture as a whole, it is rude to address and elder by just their name (example Esther Mahlangu, that even felt wrong), hence everyone older than you, even when not related you have to prefix their name with sis, bro, mama, papa, gogo(grandmother), khulu(grandfather) accordingly to their approximate age group in comparison to family, that is if they are not family.

So now that I’ve given you a glimpse of the history of this print and myself, I hope it helps you understand a bit about me and my culture through the eyes of one icon. She has done collaborations with countless places, namely Richmond, VA museum of art where you will see her artwork hanging. In the picture you can see she came in and hand painted it at the museum. I also inserted a picture of her in a BMW 7 series concept car in which her artwork was used in the interior of the car by BMW.

So that is some background on the fabric I picked for this dress. I used the Simplicity 8890 Mimi G style pattern and lengthened it to a maxi dress. I was pretty straightforward. I was scared of using the slide and circle for the adjustable straps but it wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be in my head. My dress is long because I always measure my dresses for heels and in this picture I’m wearing flats but i do love the look of a flowy tent dress.

Until next time,

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna Marie says:

    Beautifully done


    1. Abigail says:

      Thank you Anna ❤️


  2. Abbey says:

    This dress is fabulous. Gogo Esther Mahlangu is supreme FABULOUSNESS. One extremely talented lady there.


    1. Abigail says:

      Right! She is definitely is a force! & thank you very much ❤️


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