Print Mix Fall Coat

I’ve been holding onto the two remnants of fabric for a while and knew that when I do use them I wanted to used them together, print mix! My first autumn/fall (depending on where you’re from) make of the year, I had the perfect idea for the two pieces.

I pulled out the perfect pattern to complete my vision, Simplicity 8554, and got to work. I had more of the fabric with the white print, which I used for the body of the coat and the fabric on the left was only about a yard so I used it to accent the coat. I wanted to make view A which is calf length but since but since I was at the mercy of the fabric, I could only do View A or B. B it is then! it used up pretty much all the fabric I had and I tried to pattern match the pieces to the best of my ability given my dilemma.

All was not lost as it worked out perfectly and I finally got my print mixing done.

The trench coat turned out beautifully. With how close the colors are, it may take a miute to notice the two prints but once you know they’re there it makes all the difference.

Happy autumn/fall 2020!

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  1. SewRuthieStyle says:

    Wow that looks absolutely amazing, very clever print placement and print mixing!!

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    1. Abigail says:

      Thank you so much Ruthie! ❤


  2. Gorgeous coat!!! Love the colors and the patterns! It is fabulous! Looks lovely on you. ❤️

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  3. Barbara Lewis Showell says:

    The main fabric is really good alone, but wow, that contrast does elevate it. Great make!


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