The Accidental Bridesmaid’s Dress

When this fabric came in from Minerva fabrics I was so taken by how buttery smooth it was and the slight stretch. I knew I wanted to make something fancy and a dress I had made before came to mind, a beautiful wrap dress that moves and flows with you would be perfect. I had made it before and always feel like I’m floating out gliding when I wear it.

I pulled out Simplicity pattern 8173 and got to work. The fabric was just like putty in my hands and the pattern, a simple silhouette (and very beginner friendly) but yet made such a gorgeous, timeless dress.

It wasn’t until I did in front of the mirror that I felt like a wedding guest or a bridesmaid. It might just be the Covid isolation talking and dreaming of dressing up for events again. Either way, I just love this dress! 🥰

One Comment Add yours

  1. Abbey says:

    It’s totally GORGEOUS! Love the colour 😍


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